Thursday, June 3, 2010

Split in two

I am sure all parents of multiples (whether kids of the same age or different) have felt this way. If only there were two of me to kiss, hug and carry around Mackenzie and Xavier. They both are going through separation anxiety and only want mommy. It melts my heart when they reach for me and extend their arms up to be picked up or snuggle into me when I am holding them. But when they both do it at the same time it is very difficult. Who do I pick up? I have tried both, but they want mom all to themselves. Sharing me is not an option. I feel bad not picking up Mac first beacause she has come second ever since Xavier has been sick. But on the other hand, Xavier has been through so much and probably needs mommy more. But then Mac's life has not been perfect either going from this person to that person and not seeing mom and dad for days while we stayed with Xavier in the hospital.

There is no doubt that Mac is jealous of her brother. She sees the "extra" attention he gets every day. I try hard to give her extra hugs and kisses too whenever I can, but it still doesn't amount to the special care her brother now requires. I just hope this doesn't harm her in the long run. She is already so independent.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

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