Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He looks fantastic!

Life is good.
Today Mark and I got great news from Xavier's team of doctors at Mac. His tumour remains stable after eight months off treatment. His radiology-oncologist even went as far as saying he thought it looked like the tumour had even shrunk a tiny bit.
Everyone commented on how great he looked.
It was the best news we could possibly get. While what we want to hear is that he is cured, we know that is not a reality. However, today's news puts us a little closer to hearing that.
Given the aggressiveness of his cancer and its past behaviour off treatment, doctors were impressed with the MRI results and his progress thus far.
Although they couldn't say we are out of the woods yet, they are optimistic. His next MRI will be in July.
We even saw his neurosurgeon again today. He didn't even recognize Xavier since he has grown up so much since his surgery one year ago. His hair was also a big hit.
It gives me a great sense of pride and joy to "show him off" to the doctors, who just one year ago, feared our baby would not make it. I can also see the pride in them, knowing that they had a hand in saving his life. We will be forever thankful to Dr. Gunnarson, Dr. Scheinemann and Dr. Whitton and Dr. Sighn.
I couldn't sleep last night as I worried about what today might bring. Again, our lives could have been turned upside down with just two words: new growth. My gut said he was fine, but deep down I still feared the worst. As I anticipated good news, I braced for the bad.
Once again, Xavier has proven he is a living miracle.
I often recall two statements made during this difficult journey: one I said as I drove to the emergency department at Brantford hospital the day Xavier was sent for a CT scan and the second said to me by my pastor while at McMaster while Xavier was in the operating room.
"I will not bury my child."
"He will survive this and fully recover."
When I find myself thinking negatively, I find strength in these statements. I say them with conviction and believe them.
This journey is not over, but I am celebrating today.