Monday, June 14, 2010

A rough day

Coming back to Hamilton after a weekend back home is tough. Not only did it mean another disruption in the kids' schedule, but back to the daily reminder that Xavier has cancer.
We also found out today that Xavier will have to have another pic line put into his other arm. The other line sprung another leak and must be removed. It is a minor proceedure, taking between 30 minutes to two hours, but it does mean two sedations in one day and another risk for infection. We have been lucky so far that radiation has not lowered his white blood cell counts, but after his central line got infected we are paranoid about it happening again. He will be back in the OR on Thursday at noon. We should be able to come home after he wakes up as long as there are no complications. However, until then he has to have an IV in his foot to be sedated for radiation. The little guy did so well this morning when the put the IV in. He cried, but as soon as it was over and I could get him in my arms he was smiling.
He is such a tough baby -- or toddler now I guess. He is also getting up on his knees and rocking finally. It is really incredible to see him devolping despite the treatment and everything he has been through. Nothing is going to hold Xavier back! NOTHING!

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