Friday, February 4, 2011

Twin love

Now that the twins are nearing two, I am finally starting to see them interacting more together in a positive way.
Up until this point they would interact -- but by pulling each other's hair, biting or just taking each other's toys away. The constant jealousy was clearly evident too when I would pick one up the other would scream and whine and cry and ...
But they do the sweetest things now. It is especially nice to see Mackenzie enjoying her brother around. For the longest time it seemed like she hated him, or at least, she hated sharing mommy with him. If she woke up in the morning before him we would spend some nice quality time together. But as soon as Xavier got up, she was miserable and would start crying at the first sight of him.
I think she enjoyed being an only child while Xavier was in the hospital. Although they are the same age (of course they are twins except Xavier is three minutes older) I kind of see Mackenzie as the older sister. Because Xavier has some catching up to do, Mackenzie is trying to help him out.
The other day she grabbed his hand as he was trying to walk. She did this multiple times as he attempted to stand up from sitting on the bottom stair of the staircase. She was truly trying to help him walk. It was so cute. She also likes to feed him.
On the rare occasion too, they will pass a ball or a car to each other. And as it has been for some time now, when one is upset, the other one gets upset too.
They also like to give each other kisses in the bathtub (Mark thinks it is weird) but I think it is really sweet to see them getting along so well.
I was worried they may never have a close bond, but everyday I see little things that show me how much they are attached.
It is wonderful to see. And it will be wonderful to see them walking side by side very soon. Xavier took his first steps on Feb. 2 (a year ago that day he was in 12-hour brain surgery). So now I have a much better thing to remember every Feb. 2!