Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow I so apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I have failed my mandate here, and I am sorry. To be honest, I forgot my password and couldn't login.
A lot has happened over the past few months... to much to talk about really so I will just get to the most recent.
I guess first, Mackenzie has taken her first steps!!! This past week she has taken steps here and there when I have encouraged her to get a toy or her sippy cup. She is adorable.
As for Xavier, he is doing well. We have experienced some set backs, like an ear and throat infection and just found out today that he has severe acid reflux which has been preventing him from eating. Poor guy.
Mark and I are both back to work and making the transition has been hard on us all. The kids are so used to having us both here all the time that they are very jealous when they have to wait for me to do something with one and not the other. It will just take some time to build new routines and find what works and doesn't.
Now that I can access my own blog again (hehe) I will try to update more often.