Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to Mac

Today Xavier was sent back to McMaster hospital after a hole was discovered in his pic line during radiation this morning.
The line is used every day to sedate him. Because it was leaking, Xavier had to get an IV in his foot. A swab was also taken at his G-tube site to test for infection. It was a bad morning for the little guy.
While at McMaster I ran into an old roomie of Xavier's while going through chemo on 3B. It was a six month old baby with a tumour in her stomach. It was a low grade cancer and her mother was so excited because it was her daughters last round of chemo. Things obviously didn't work out the way they were expected because they were back on 3B. The baby's dad (sorry don't remember his name) said she was in for more chemo and spent another two weeks there because of a blood infection. It was sad to see them back.
This disease is relentless!

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