Monday, June 14, 2010

Relay for Life

Each day through this journey with my son I feel emotions I never knew existed. I often cannot find the words to describe these foreign feelings, and know that even fewer people can understand them unless they have been there.
On Friday night our family attended the Relay for Life in Tillsonburg. I had been to the event in the past, but never with a survior. It was a totally different experience. Even as we drove to the Relay I could feel butterflies in my stomach -- a knot that was overflowing with mixed emotions. I was sad that my son could participate in the Victory Lap because it meant that he has cancer, but also happy because Xavier could be there to show he was winning the battle. I was also grateful to see the support of friends and family who donned blue t-shirts brandishing Xavier's picture and Team X.
Xavier was the youngest survivor and we walked along the oldest survivor (she was 99 and still very much with it).
It was amazing to see the sea of yellow as the surviors took to the track, including a few other children. I was again sad to see that so many people must go through this difficult journey, but also happy to see so many people beating it.
We were interviewed by the local newspaper and put on the front page of today's Tillsonburg News. I was somewhat embarrassed and guilty to have the attention, knowing how many other kids going through the same struggles as Xavier. Their stories should be heard too.
I am praying for all of them.
Mark and I are also planning to attend Woodstock's Relay for Life this coming Friday and again walk as a family for the Victory Lap.

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