Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally... some good news!

It will be a very merry Christmas in the Garrett house this year! Today, we got the results of Xavier's MRI. There is no new growth and the doc said the tumour is stabilized. We were expecting good news, but there was always that chance it could have gone the other way. Now, we wait for the next MRI, which will be in March.
Tonight we celebrate. Although it is not the end, nor are we anywhere near to hearing he is cured, it is one more success along this long road.
Now, when he gets sick this winter, we don't have to worry that it could be tumour-related... we know it's not, at least for the next couple months. He is doing really well aside from his feeding issue and the latest -- his fractured ankle. The poor little guy is in leg cast.
But tonight, we don't think about that. All I want to do is eat my celebratory cake.

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