Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tragedy strikes

When I initially had twins I thought life would never be the same. I fully anticipated having two babies would be the biggest life changing event ever. I was wrong.
On Feb. 1, 2010, life as I knew it stopped. That is the day a massive tumour was found in my eight-month-old son's head. Our family would never be "normal" again.
Xavier had been sick for a long time and I had vowed I would not leave our next doctor's appointment without some answers. I got answers, but not the ones I wanted to hear.
That day Mark took Xavier to emerg while I stayed with Mackenzie. Our pediatrician was meeting Mark at the hospital. I waited to hear from Mark and when I did he texted me a message that Xavier was going for an emergency CT scan..."doc thinks it's in his head." That message alone sent shivers down my spine. I knew it was bad. I quickly made some calls - barely keeping myself from crying - and got Mac taken care of while I headed to the hospital.
In the car I told myself over and over again I will not bury my child. I stand by that statement today and forever.
To make a long story short (will fill in the details later) Xavier underwent 12 hours of brain surgery on Feb. 2, 2010 to remove the tumour that had wrapped itself around his brainstem and was headed down his spinal cord. About 75 per cent of the tumour was removed. The rest was too risky to take out.
On Feb. 10, my birthday, we were told Xavier had a rare, aggressive cancer called anaplastic ependymoma. Those words will never be forgotten nor will the sick feeling in my stomach. Prognosis was poor.
Xavier has undergone two cycles of chemotherapy, which were very difficult for him. He is scheduled to start radiation on June 1.
Will keep you posted.

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