Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caring for a sick baby

There is nothing worse (at least I have found so far) than knowing your baby is sick, but not knowing with what. Not only have I had to watch my poor little boy violently vomit over and over again, but I had to watch as nurses took blood from his tiny little arms yesterday. The first time they did it (yes they had to do it twice, poking both arms the first time) I stood out of view, but could still hear Xavier screaming. It was a gut-wrenching feeling, one that broke my heart. When they came back for more blood I had to stay and try my best to console my sick boy.
I almost started crying as I sang twinkle twinkle little star to him while they poked his now bruised arm for blood.
Over the past week, Xavier has not been eating well, throwing up and been lethargic. He has lost a pound (was 18lbs9oz not 17lbs12oz) and lost all interest in play. He and his sister are turning eight months soon and Xavier acts nowhere near this age. I fear his one and off again sickness since November is holding him back.
After several hours in the emergency department, our pediatrician relieved some of our worries. His blood work, specifically the white/red blood cell counts were normal as well as his sodium. If these had been skewed, we could have been looking at some pretty serious diseases.
While there are still many unaswered questions, and Xavier is still sick, we are somewhat releived.
The doctor is now looking at whether or not he has Norwalk virus -- something we would just have to wait out. However, he is already four days into it and still not improving.
Hopefully my next entry will be more positive!
Please send your prayers to my little man.

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